Get Zoom Ready for 2021. Lights, Camera, Action: Clients! Starts Jan 12th!

FREE Workshops to transform your background (Non-Virtual) and yourself to be confident on camera!

Psst. That's my background, though because I filmed this on a phone, it doesn't give you the full effect. See how I carved out a corner for when I need to be on camera? We can create a "set" for you, too!

Read on, or scroll down to enroll now as there is a limit of ten people per workshop. 

Is this you? 

  • You have a sneaking suspicion (or you know) you don't look professional when you're talking to clients online
  • You're tired of having to use virtual backgrounds where anytime you move you look really weird? (By the way, we know you don't live on a country estate...)
  • You're looking around your house desperately searching for somewhere you can work with clients where they can't see your bed in the background (or your kids homework).
  • You want to look like you have it all together business-wise but you don't know where to start?
  • You're on a small budget and/or short of time?
  • You're worried you don't look or sound great but lighting and audio etc. seem to be in the too-hard basket
  • You've received negative feedback...ouch
  • You're secretly worried you look like an amateur even though you're great at what you do? 
  • You'd like to raise your prices, but feel your background makes you look like you're entry level? 
  • You have no idea what kind of look would attract your ideal clients
  • You want a background which reflects your business, your message, your personality, your services in a positive light. 

That's why I created these FREE workshops. 

I have a Zoom background that's real and I feel awesome talking to clients in front of it. It matches my business, it looks great and I get complemented on it all the time. Can you say the same? 

Have you noticed how other people's background attract or distract?

Yeah, yeah, we can all use the greenscreen option, but what kind of authenticity does that convey? You want your clients to know who you are, like you and trust you. Oh, and yeah, pay you!

I created these workshops based on feedback from my style clients who asked me to assess their backgrounds on camera. Turns out my "no I'm not an interior designer but I'm great at finding tailored solutions" ability worked wonders. 

Let's get you an on-camera background you feel confident about and is personalized to you. No interior decorator needed!

These workshops will run over a week BUT if you want to finish ASAP, I'll work to make that happen!

Tuesday @ 10-11am PST: Location, Location, Location/Can we hear and see you clearly? 

Your current background will be assessed and the best location chosen for your new "office." Which might be your actual office, who knows? 

i.e. If you can move to somewhere you can set aside for on-camera, if you can't and what we have to work with. I've helped someone who could only use her closet. Another client had to have a portable "set." One had to use the kitchen table. We will find a solution!

We'll check your sound, lighting and you'll get information on how to improve it with product suggestions for all budgets. No, I'm not an affiliate. People need to hear and see you. If they already can, we can get straight into....

Wednesday @ 10-11am PST: Who are your clients? Let's create a background that speaks to them!

What is your elevator pitch? Your brand? Who are your clients? Don't know what an elevator pitch is or what yours might be? Don't worry, I have a super easy formula. Once we identify who your clients are, we can work out how to attract them, make them feel comfortable, represent your brand and business. Oh, and be yourself, because you have so much to offer! This also applies to colleagues, peers and anyone you interact with on-camera.

Here's where you get your personalized décor action steps. This will be based on how much time you have, online delivery schedules, budget, how creative you are and what you want the end result to be. 

Examples of action steps? Declutter, buy a plant, stick some vinyl tiles, paint a square behind you (no need to paint the while wall), buy a cheap bookshelf, hang your diplomas or a piece of art etc. No, you don't need to live at Home Depot or spend a lot. 

Thursday @ 10-11am PST: The Big Reveal!

We see where you are up to, and if not finished, make sure you are well on your way. We celebrate, we applaud!

The workshops will have a limit of ten participants because everyone gets personalized assessments and advice. It's up to you if you want feedback from other participants, more objective eyes can help. If you're shy, ask for a one-on-one session with me. 

Along with my professional guidance and accountability, you will get encouragement and support from the other members of the group (if they don't play nice, I'll fire them and refund) as well as sharing tips and successes

There will be downloadable checklists, worksheets and guides as to what products you may need or want.

When is it???

Tuesday Jan 12th 2021 at 10:00am PST.

Reach out of you want help before then. I offer one on one sessions which cover all of this and what you wear on camera as well.  

Scroll down to enroll!

Aroha, Erin

Image Consultant. Honest, kind, occasionally hilarious.

Ps. This is an example of a $12 background - note the fabric needs to be longer, but it would be ideal if I wanted shoulders up or a headshot.