Let me save you time, money, (and possibly therapy, but don't quote me....)

I can save you years of style trial and error as well as prevent the frustration of “never having anything to wear.” 

There’s an expression that you need 10,000 hours in one subject to be an “expert.” I’ve spent 23 years in facilitating personal development and recovery, 20 in sales & marketing and around half a century in getting dressed with panache. 

I’ve had to grow and change to overcome self-sabotaging behavior and thinking, and it’s led me to a place where I can help you transform as well. Starting with your style. 

My wardrobe makes me happy, gets me to my goals faster and easier - and I love how I look and feel.

I want you too, as well. Having a Happy Wardrobe is a step forward to an ideal life.


The Happy Wardrobe Method
will help you if you…


Style Statement

Start here: We create your one-of-a-kind style. You'll have a transformational 90-minute session which does a deep dive into memories and experiences around beloved items. These insights will be used to craft a unique Style Statement, giving you the clarity and confidence to move forward with outfits, purchases and decisions relating not only to your style but your values, core message, home, career, branding and marketing. 


*virtual session with a bonus editable digital workbook. 

Included in the Wear Happy VIP Experience. 

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The Happy Wardrobe Method - VIP Experience

The Complete Happy Wardrobe Method offers transformational style for women who want to confidently make an authentic impact in the world - as fast as possible. 

The foundation of this Wear Happy VIP experience is the creation of your Style Statement.

The Into Action segments include (as applicable, this will be curated to your individual needs) Closet Curation, Current Wardrobe Inventory, Outfit Formulas for Easy Dressing, Conscious Consumerism Values Assessment, Work From Home wardrobe and background assessment and Shopping List (if needed – we will shop your closet first) as well as a digital workbook and personal online shopping. You'll learn how to become your own Stylist. 

The Wear Happy VIP experience includes:

  • Two three-hour sessions (consecutive days with action steps in between.)
  • Four hours behind-the-scenes personal online shopping/and or research.
  • Workbook
  • Recording of Style Statement session
  • 30-day OOTD (outfit of the day)/COTD (Challenge of the day) message support system
  • Membership in The Happy Wardrobe/Happy Business Facebook Group for ongoing workshops, coaching and community
  • Bonus: one-hour consultation at the end of the 30 days to assess and map next steps toward the wardrobe, life and career you want.

       Investment: $1597

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“Wear Happy” Coaching

These “inspiration shots” will support you to reach your wardrobe goals, celebrate your successes, creating action steps and ensure that you continue to “Wear Happy,” in alignment with your Style Statement as well as your overall vision for your life.

Calls can also be used to assess clothing and shopping choices or help with ongoing decluttering.

This offer is only available to existing clients.

Investment: $97 – 30 mins / $177 – 60 mins

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Let’s Get Started!

I recommend all clients start with a complementary

Kia Ora (Hello) discovery session.

There’s a button below where you can book a time that works for you.

We’ll talk about why you want to transform your wardrobe, and if I can help.

No obligation, just exploration.


  • Are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of clothing in your wardrobe
  • Need to be reminded of how gorgeous and unique you are
  • Have lost your “mojo” and want to reconnect with what matters to you
  • Are tired of wasting time and money on clothing you don’t love, doesn’t suit you and doesn’t make you happy
  • Want to express your individuality when you dress
  • Need harmony between your values & your wardrobe
  • Are exhausted with the amount of choices there are in the malls and online and want a simpler way to pick clothing
  • Are ready to stop hoarding clothing or depriving yourself
  • Are seeking fresh insight into your personal style
  • Like the idea of enjoying getting dressed in the morning
  • Long to free up time and money to use for dreams and goals
  • Want to wear clothes that show the world who you truly are (It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you’ll feel confident with your clothing choices)
  • Are determined to stop comparing yourself to other women and celebrate every woman’s unique contribution to the world
  • Are tired of consumerism and want to become a conscious consumer
  • Want to dress like the woman you aspire to be
  • Want to learn how to look your best

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