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Create your unique Style Statement - and take your message to the world. 

Kia Ora, I'm Erin Keam, cheerleader for women entrepreneurs. My mission? To have every woman know how amazing she is and succeed on her own terms. Style does matter. First impressions do matter. Self confidence matters.

 What you wear affects your path to your goals and ideal life (and knowing what to wear really, really helps). Make a bigger impact on the world while being true to yourself.  Want to discover your one-of-a-kind style and learn how to be your own stylist? Reach out. 

Oh...and keep scrolling to find out about my "Eureka" moment. 

Yes, I want to make an impact!

Are you a female solopreneur or entrepreneur who wants to dress authentically and play on a bigger stage?

I thought so. Well,  that's what I do - and it's all due to a Hawaiian tropical rainstorm. 

I went to Maui for some sunshine (I live in Seattle) back in 2015 and cue...typhoon like rain. So I wrote, pondered and assessed my next move career wise. I'm sure you've been there! A tip: tropical storms are ideal conditions for inspiration to strike. 

What if I combined 23 years in the peer-facilitated self-development field, with my marketing and business background AND love of transforming women's lives through validation and style?

THE HAPPY WARDROBE METHOD was born. It's unique, just like you. It provides instant insights (those "aha" moments that change our lives) with lasting results. It transforms and it can be applied to ANY area of your life. 

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Yes, I want to transform my style.

Work with Me

Here are a few of the ways I can help you design a wardrobe and life you love!

Style Statement

The first transformational step for women looking to discover and claim their personal style so they can dress with integrity and make a bigger impact on the world. Includes an in-depth assessment and strategy session to help you define your unique Style Statement which creates clarity, focus and a foundation moving forward. This Statement can be applied to your wardrobe, business, life and home.  $697 (included with VIP experience). Instant insights, lasting results. 

Yes, I want a one-of-a-kind style!

The Happy Wardrobe Method

A signature process designed for women who are ready to take their style, wardrobe, and life to the next level! An all-inclusive three-day journey to rediscover and implement your unique style statement, values, and aesthetic across your life and wardrobe. Equips you with the knowledge and resources to up-level more than just your closet! Immersive experience which teaches you to Be Your Own Stylist and includes personal shopping. $1597

Yes, I want to be my own stylist!

"Wear Happy" Coaching Calls

One on one, customized support for existing clients to assist with their ongoing style evolution. Each session is focused on providing you with the inspiration, guidance and support to continue integrating your style statement into a happy wardrobe and life! 

$97 for in-depth 30 mins sessions or $299 per month for Outfit of The Day (OOTD) messaging support. Current clients only.

Yes! Every now and then I need a little extra support....

Are you....

  • Starting a business
  • Pivoting your business
  • Relaunching your business
  • Have a business and it's time to up-level your style
  • Relocated your business
  • Just want to look #$#!! amazing and feel great about yourself. 

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Let's chat...

You are your biggest asset. Do you represent your growing business in an authentic way and with confidence? Do you rock your style or do you need to reconnect with your inner closet? You need a Style Statement you can take to the world. But first, what's really going on with your wardrobe right now? Click below and book a FREE Kia Ora (hello) call. 

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Yes! I want to look and feel great and grow my business.

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