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Create your unique Style Statement and take your message to the world. 

Kia Ora, I'm Erin Keam, style cheerleader for women entrepreneurs. My mission? To have every woman know how amazing she is and succeed on her own terms. And I do it one woman at a time. Think of me as your "honest girlfriend" who tells you the truth and knows you're one-of-a-kind. And that you can do anything you set your mind to. Wahoo!

Style does matter. First impressions do matter. Self confidence matters.

 What you wear affects your path to your goals and ideal life (and knowing what to wear really, really helps). Make a bigger impact on the world while being true to yourself. 

Want to transform your closet? Dress with confidence quickly and easily?  Want someone with you every step of they way? 

I'll help you discover your one-of-a-kind style and learn how to be your own stylist, easy peasy. You go at your own pace (ASAP or fitted around your commitments) and we will set you up for lasting success.  Plus have fun. If it's not enjoyable, why do it, right? 

I offer a 90 day UNLIMITED style education, support and coaching program. It's personalized and I'm right there with you every step of the way. There's a catch. I limit my clients because I also run online courses in on-camera presentation. 

We may be the perfect fit for my 90-day THWM program - or not. Book a FREE Wear Happy Coaching call and let's see! (you can also email me

(Or feel free to keep scrolling and find out about my "Eureka" moment.)

I don't want to do this alone and my wardrobe is driving me crazy.

Are you a female solopreneur or entrepreneur who wants to dress authentically and play on a bigger stage?

I thought so. Well, that's what I help women do and it's all due to a Hawaiian tropical rainstorm. 

I went to Maui for some sunshine (I live in Seattle) back in 2015 and cue...typhoon like rain. So I journaled and pondered while being a bit, well, annoyed at Hawaii.

However, tropical storms are ideal conditions for inspiration to strike. And it did. 

What if I combined 23 years in the peer-facilitated self-development field, with my marketing and business background AND love of transforming women's lives through style?

THE HAPPY WARDROBE METHOD was born. It's unique, just like you. It provides instant insights (those "aha" moments that change our lives) with lasting results. It transforms and it can be applied to ANY area of your life. 

Click the box for a FREE Wear Happy consult for a strategy session to get you started. Might as well start changing your life right now. We'll meet online and clarify what's getting between you and the life you want. And give you some action steps you can take immediately. 

Photo by the wonderful Kirsten Walters, Ceramist/Creative.

Yes, I want to hear about a personalized solution that's fun and meaningful and look and feel amazing!

Your paths to wardrobe success.

We can go fast....or slower, but always with the end goal in mind. You. Looking and feeling amazing and rocking every area of your life thanks to a wardrobe that helps you achieve your goals.

Oh, and makes your life easier. 

The Happy Wardrobe Method

A transformational program for women looking to discover and claim their personal style so they can dress with integrity and make a bigger impact on the world. Includes an in-depth assessment and strategy session to help you define your unique Style Statement which creates clarity, focus and a foundation moving forward. This Statement can be applied to your wardrobe, business, life and home.  Includes Be Your Own Stylist step-by-step coaching, unlimited education and support, 911 calls and Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) assessments. Book a FREE Wear Happy consult below or email me  

I want to know more about this! I'd like a style coach in my handbag for 90 days!


In a hurry to transform? Choose the 7 Day VIP experience. We work together every day virtually for two hours, plus text messaging and phone calls in between to get you to your Wear Happy Wardrobe in a week. Bonus consult after 30 days to ensure you're reaching your goals. Comes with Outfit of The Day (OOTD) support and access to 911 calls. Book a FREE Wear Happy Consult below or email me


You mean I'll be able to get dressed quickly and easily with confidence in 7 days? Tell me more!

911 calls included. 

TV appearance tomorrow? Important client meeting? Decision fatigue setting in and you have to find something to wear to your pitch for funding or a last-minute virtual date now? Emergency customized support for existing clients to assist with their ongoing style evolution. 

Yes! Every now and then I need a little extra support....

Are you....

  • Starting a business
  • Pivoting your business
  • Relaunching your business
  • Have a business and it's time to up-level your style
  • Relocated your business
  • Ready to look more professional
  • Ready to start charging more
  • Ready to take action to learn how to get dressed quickly and easily with confidence so you can get on with changing the world
  • Just want to look #$#!! amazing and feel great about yourself. 


Then... you need to talk to me. No more wasted time, energy or money. 

You are your biggest asset. Do you represent your growing business in an authentic way and with confidence? Do you match your message? Do you rock your style or do you need to reconnect with your inner closet?

You need a Style Statement you can take to the world with confidence. 

Your first step? Calling and telling me just how amazing you want your life to be - and everything that is driving you crazy about your closet. 

I'm ready to get serious about transforming my closet and my life.

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