​I created The Happy Wardrobe™ to help women achieve happiness in their wardrobe. This method isn't about telling you what to wear or what you must have in your wardrobe, it's about helping you discover your inner closet!

First, I will explain how to create a Happy Collection. Next, I will come to your home and we will explore your Collection in depth. Using The Happy Wardrobe™ method we will identify themes that are unique to you.

With these themes we will co-create a Style Statement that represents who you are as an individual. Finally, we will integrate this into your wardrobe! This can include decluttering, organizing, creating combinations, shopping and action plans. 

​It's time for you to Dress Happy™

I live in Bellevue, and I'm currently serving East Seattle. Contact me here so we can get started on making your wardrobe happy!

​Let's discover your inner closet

 with ​Erin Keam