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​Let's discover your inner closet

 with ​Erin Keam 

Unique Style Statement
This is a revealing session where we find out what’s important to you. We'll examine beloved items that you own and discuss them in depth. We’ll uncover themes and your vision. This will evolve into an unique Style Statement, empowering you to declutter, organize, create outfits and shop. This must be completed prior to any other session. Let's discover your inner closet!

Clearing the Way
These sessions are a great way to integrate your Style Statement into your wardrobe and your life. We’ll eliminate items that don’t truly represent you and identify clothing that no longer serves its purpose. Let’s get you the wardrobe you want!

Create Combinations
Get dressed easily in outfits that you look and feel great in. Whether you need a professional wardrobe or want to pack for a vacation, and think “I don’t have anything to wear” let’s mix and match what you do have to create great combinations. We’ll narrow down what you do need…and you might already have it!  

Shopping & Spending Plan

Once you've completed a current wardrobe inventory you'll create a shopping list (if needed) and plan your spending to align with your values and goals. You'll also create an ideal wardrobe plan and action steps you can take towards it!

Delightful Online Dating
Dating online? Let’s make an impact! These sessions defines the kind of partner you want, chooses the best outfits for your online photos, (and shopping for items if necessary to complete your look). We’ll also create your online profile. Professional make up, hair and photography can be arranged. 

Inner Closet Coaching Calls
We all need accountability. These are 15-minute calls where you'll touch base by phone or video chat. This is where you bring your challenges, victories, actions and results to your consultant who will celebrate with you, steer you back on track if needed and encourage you to keep going!