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"The joy of dressing is an art."

-John Galliano


The Happy Wardrobe Method is a series of interviews, exercises and action steps that integrates what truly makes you happy into your wardrobe. It includes personal discovery, identifying themes, creating a unique Style Statement and then taking action via decluttering, organizing, creating outfits, and adding additional items if needed. The Happy Wardrobe Method often extends into other areas of your life. When you have a Happy Wardrobe, other transformations happen along the way!

If you have lost touch with how beautiful and unique you are, or are going through a transition(you've begun or ended a relationship/experiencing a career or location change/lost or gained weight or are stuck in a style rut,) I can help. If you just want to organize your wardrobe and have a professional eye look over your outfits, I can do that too.  Life is too short not to look and feel great. Dress Happy!

I've always worked in people-centric fields, where the impetus was on creativity, interpretation, analysis and presentation. My resume includes marketing, copywriting, theater, advertising, presenting, teaching, community work, magazines, TV, sales, radio, research, event coordinating and consulting. However, no matter where I worked, what I did, I dressed as myself (and I looked great!).

Several years ago, women friends started asking me for help in finding their Inner Closet, as well as decluttering, organizing, creating outfits and providing support so that they could reach their goals. Along with that came writing online dating profiles and choosing outfits, working on personal mission statements for the next stage in their lives, as well as visions for their wardrobes and home. This often included regular check-ins for support, feedback and accountability. 

Over time, I developed The Happy Wardrobe Method based on a series of exercises I'd developed to assist with identifying what resonated with them as individuals and it grew from there. Each client receives their own The Happy Wardrobe Workbook as part of my Method. 

​Let's discover your inner closet.


my story


I've spent over 20 years helping others to find patterns and meaning in their lives. I've observed, coached, trained, presented, organized, encouraged, provided accountability, identified areas of concern (otherwise known as pain points) and areas of opportunity. I've identified when and where others were "stuck, uncovered assets, strengths, talents and passions. I'm an interviewer and a writer, which I use to help others discover truths about themselves. 

Clothing is not just about what you wear, or what's in your closet. It relates to every area of your life. It can reflect passions, creativity, be wearable art, a portrayal of who you are and a whole lot of fun! ​Together we can dress your true inner closet!