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my mission 


AbouT Me



"The joy of dressing is an art."

-John Galliano


I want to help you discover what it is that makes you uniquely happy. With The Happy Wardrobe method we can then define your personal style!

I love my wardrobe and want you to love your wardrobe, too. If you are going through a transition or stuck in a rut, my method will remind you who you truly are and who you want to be. With this method you can create a wardrobe which makes you happy. Don’t be surprised if it’s not just your wardrobe that gets happier. I know you are unique, beautiful and smart. But do you know that? I’ll prove it to you.

I will help you explore who you are and how that translates to your wardrobe. I have a happy wardrobe. Do you? 

I’m from New Zealand. and live in Seattle. I’ve traveled all over the world and had about 35 occupations. This makes me uniquely qualified to identify when something in my life isn’t working, or if it’s time to change my outfit! 

I’ve been a DJ in Tokyo, arranged events for a museum, been an Animal Welfare Officer. I’ve taught English to children using drama, acted, done voice overs, sold advertising for magazines and television, directed plays, written a musical.. I’ve danced on tables in Ibiza and learned to scuba dive in Vanuatu.

If I was interested, I explored. I'll never stop. I’m endlessly curious. And I’m curious about you. You’re awesome and I want to get to know you so that you can get to know yourself.

​Let's discover your inner closet.


my story


 When I was little I wanted to dress as a mermaid or a superhero. When I was a teenager, I wanted to dress like Boy George or Bananarama. I went from Go Life tee-shirts to goth to LBD’s and London clubbing to hip hop and grunge, then platforms and kids’ TV show paraphernalia(Power Puff Girls children's tee shirts were a thing) to cardigan sets and camel coats to leather pants and motor cycle helmets to leisurewear. Now I’m into thrift stores, cowboy boots, bizarre coats, and Annie Hall.

Clothing for me is passion, creativity, wearable art, a portrayal of who I am and a whole lot of fun! ​Together we can dress who you truly are and fill your wardrobe with inspiration and happiness.